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Redundant connection to switch with 802.1q tag based VLAN on 730

Question asked by Michal Gust on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Ricardo Gros

Customer has 730 appliance as a firewall and stack of LAN switches. All servers and network devices are connected to the stack redundantly and we want to connect 730 appliance same way as well. There was requirement for just one VLAN till now - my colleague who is ChP specialist configured it using "switch" or so called port-based VLAN - not a smart way from what I know now, but it seems to work well.


But now we need to transport more than one VLAN to the switches - you can imagine it like one VLAN is to the internal LAN and the other one is for wireless guests. When I thought ChP switch is true virtual switch (I'm not ChP specialist ;-) I wanted to assign VLANs to it, but it didn't offer such option. I tried to search documentation and found there is bond interface on Gaia based appliances - I expect 802.1q VLANs could be assigned to the bond interface just like to physical port. But there is no option to create bond interface...


Is there any way how to connect firewall redundantly to the stack of switches with more VLAN, except dumb one by creating one port based-VLAN for each VLAN and connecting each by separate pair of physical links...? Best way by using 802.1q tags...


I quite optimist/naive because I'm Cisco specialist and features like etherchannel is supported from the smallest devices by the Cisco and bonding is feature is available even on many embedded Linux based platforms because it’s Linux feature not ChP so I really don't see any reason why not to support redundant connection on LAN ports on ChP SMB products.

Thank you for help.