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CPUSE acting up today

Discussion created by Maarten Sjouw on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Kaspars Zibarts

Today I ran into a really weird problem on a VSX cluster. I was trying to run installer with jumbo 154, and the installer kept telling me there was a need to upgrade as the version was not the latest, it was 1573.

All morning in an chat and trying to get past this point, in the beginning of the afternoon, after lunch and a reboot all the sudden there was a different message, please update to the later version 1577 (the CPUSE SK was still saying 1573 was the latest), so installer agent update, but still it cannot get the update file. Problem was the same on both members.

Maybe someone at Check Point was to quick in setting the version number on the update server?


On 1 of the 2 members I completely removed the deployment agent with rpm and then reinstalled, stopped clishd and confd as instructed. Now all the sudden I could use the imported packed (had to import again) package for Jumbo 154, Only issue was it needed to uninstall the Jumbo 103 before the Jumbo 154 could be installed and it failed as the jumbo 103 was no longer available in the CPUSE repository. According to sk115243 you can easily add it back in by adding the folder and the package file in a directory in /var/log/CPda/repository. When i followed the instructions in this SK and as a final step started the DAClient again, it instantly removes the folder again, bringing you back to square 1.


Tomorrows another day and I will try again to get the deployment agent to stop acting up.