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How to debug script execution

Question asked by Hristo Grigorov on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Hristo Grigorov



I am trying to run my own script via mgmt_cli tool and I am getting the following output:



statusCode: "failed"
statusDescription: "/tmp/rconfd-temp-script-iPZGST: line 1: Backup: command not found"
taskNotification: "97c04b63-33f7-4036-b2e0-fc18996077a2"



So, apparently there is something wrong (I am importing CP env btw) with the script execution and as far as I can see the tool creates some temp file (/tmp/rconfd-temp-script-iPZGST) that I suppose is exact copy of my script. 


Problem is, that tempt script is automagically removed and I cannot inspect it. How to prevent that? Any command line option? Is some pre-processing made before temp file is generated?