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ClusterXL active/standby interchange command?

Question asked by Mark Wheeler on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Martin Valenta



I have two basic questions regarding clusterXL HA.


1. It is still not clear to me which command is used to interchange the active/standby on a clusterXL HA cluster. I have read that from clish the following command can be used:


clusterXL_admin down


Does this mean I have to use the above command on the active member in order to make it the standby? And will this cause the standby to become the active in return automatically?


2. Futher I think I have once read somewhere that before switching active/standby in a HA clusterXL which is running in production, a so called delta sync should be performed? Is this correct and if so, which command do I use initiate the delta sync?


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