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Problems with 80.10 gateway.

Question asked by Nikolai Zhitkov on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Nikolai Zhitkov


I have some difficulties with our new GW 5400 80.10.  

Topology: SMS server (80.20) is behind the 4400 gateway (77.30), static nat. Site-to-site star connection between all gateways.  Center gws 4400 and 5400. 


My SMS server shows "connection with gw is lost", but the.SMS gets FW logs from GW and GW receive politics. Also in the Smart View Tracker, I see CPD protocol with internal SMS IP address as a destination. The SMS successfully receive statuses from other gateways.


The second problem is: Afer push policies to gws all non-checkpoint vpn connections are down and after 5 minutes they are restored. 

In the Tracker I see an error - local interface spoofing. Gateway try to send "esp" to all Interoperable devices from it's external ip, but through the internal interface. I think the root of the problem is such a routing.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advice.