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CPSG 23800 Performance Issue

Question asked by Michael Goessmann Matos on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Michael Goessmann Matos

I am currently working on an issue with a brand new CPSG-23800 device:

- Two 10g Interfaces

- One Firewall Rule (Any-Any-Accept-Log)

- CP R80.10 without HF


As we tested throughput, there is a maximum of 1.6 gbps going though the box, no matter how much traffic we try to generate. We also tried with multiple systems/flow but it seems like the firewall has a fixed 1.6 gbps Limit.


We enabled multi queueing, configured more SND cores, no change.

Log message (drop debug) is:


"fwmultik_enqueue_packet_kernel Reason: Instance is currently fully utilized"


But: Buffer is already at 16k...


Any ideas?