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Chassis running VSX, VS failing to install policy as open FDs are maxed out

Question asked by Kaspars Zibarts on Nov 15, 2018

Just wondering if anyone else running VSX on chassis (R76SP50, we are take 62) have had any issues with policy installation due to CPD running out of open file descriptors?


Case is open with TAC, but I just wanted to see if it's just us or a known issue. Seems like it started to appear after we upgraded management from R80.10 take 121 to 142. And only one VS out of 20 that has this problem.


Takes around 3 weeks for CPD FDs to reach 1024 limit, then reboot original SMO (fail over chassis first of course) and you are back in business.


Here's how FD count changes in CPD log after reboot