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Sandblast Agent using TE Appliance (Solution)

Question asked by CHINMAYA NAIK on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by CHINMAYA NAIK

Dear All,


Question regarding Sandblast Agent


Endpoint Server

OS: GAIA R77.30 with 143 hotfix and R77.30 Adds on package installed.


Blade Enabled:


1.Sandblast Agent Anti-Ransomware, behavioral guard and Forensics
2.Sandblast Agent Anti-Bot
3.Sandblast Agent Threat extraction and emulation

We use TE appliance for extraction and emulation (Local Emulation).


As per my understanding if I am downloading some file that may be exe, pdf, docs, etc then that file goes to TE appliance for emulation and extraction.


Question: Now suppose if I am transferring any malicious FILE through Pendrive or any external storage device then, can that particular file that I copy to my PC where sandblast agent is already installed, can it send to the TE appliance for extraction and emulation.


NOTE: We are not using Checkpoint Antimalware Balde.


Thank You


Chinmaya Naik