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Object usage hit count and when?

Question asked by Tim Spencer on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Tim Spencer

Is anyone aware of a way to output object usage details in R80.10?


We do of course have hit counts enabled in our policies and so can see when a rule was last hit there by hovering over it.

However, in order to try and keep our rulebases trim and secure its would be amazing to see if an object within a rule or within a group was last hit and how many times.


Currently we use 3rd Party Firemon to do this, in fact that is the only reason we use the software. It seems like a rather expensive way to achieve this goal. I did see it mentioned that object hit counts were on the roadmap for future but there must be a way to do this with all the new amazing API's? I'm struggling to get to grips with them myself still


We like to run a policy of if something hasn't been used for 100 days then it can be removed cautiously. 


Any ideas gratefully received?