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Check Point Node Freeze

Question asked by Luca Fabbri on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Vladimir Yakovlev


we have an Open Server with Check Point R80.10 ClusterXL (two nodes) with these enabled blades: IPSec VPN, Mobile Access, Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, Anti-Virus, Identity Awareness, Monitoring. The server has 16 CPUs but was licensed for 3.


Sometimes/randomly it happens the active node freezes; the console (SSH) becomes unavailable. Before resetting it forcibly I managed to launch cpview and take this screenshot from iLO (it is an HPE server):



Now I understand it should be necessary a deep investigation; but what's could be the root cause for all CPUs reaching more than 90% of usage ? Do you think 3 processors license are enough for all enabled blades ?


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