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Check Point Node Freeze

Question asked by Luca Fabbri on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by ofirsea040d26-f1f2-3b12-9fc6-5c89debaf56c


we have an Open Server with Check Point R80.10 ClusterXL (two nodes) with these enabled blades: IPSec VPN, Mobile Access, Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, Anti-Virus, Identity Awareness, Monitoring. The server has 16 CPUs but was licensed for 3.


Sometimes/randomly it happens the active node freezes; the console (SSH) becomes unavailable. Before resetting it forcibly I managed to launch cpview and take this screenshot from iLO (it is an HPE server):



Now I understand it should be necessary a deep investigation; but what's could be the root cause for all CPUs reaching more than 90% of usage ? Do you think 3 processors license are enough for all enabled blades ?


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