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How to configure alerts?

Question asked by Network M on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2018 by Jozko Mrkvicka

There are some kind of alerts in CP. 

I want to specify some of them.


1. If I choose Alert in Track, and then open SmartView, will alerts automatically appear as popup windows? Or is there anything extra that I have to do?


2. If I choose Alert to mail in Track, in global properties I have to write script to send mail.

I found one script in this site. And have some questions about script:


internal_sendmail -s "MySubject" -t [-f]


2.1. In this script, ip address of mail server is local. Can I write my public ip address of mail server? What is the right way: writing public ip or DMZ ip?

2.2. In brackets, mail of sender: Should I open new mail for my SmartManagement? Or it can be any mail?