Ash Sidhu

Ansible Role for Gaia gateways

Discussion created by Ash Sidhu on Nov 8, 2018

Ansible role to interact with Checkpoint Gaia devices and issue clish commands. 


The following Ansible role will enable you to execute commands on multiple nodes in parallel. 

Using this role you will be able to do the following : -

  • Take clish config back-ups ( show configuration )
  • Run essential show commands on all your gateways from single playbook. eg.
    • Show route
    • Show asset all
    • Show interfaces
    • Show ospf , etc…
  • Issue configure commands to all your gateways from single playbook.

 In my case, I can backup 90 odd gateways in under 5 minutes. 


Ansible Role Page 

Blog explaining how to use the role.