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Multi Domain Server - Performance

Question asked by Roman Niewiadomski on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2018 by Alexander Wilke

Dear community.


I found the solution sk109236 - "High CPU / process crashes / timeout due to large database / first time operations / load on the machine".

The solution to get better performance is to modify the connection buffer.


"The size of the Communication Buffer is hard-coded to 1MB-4MB depending on the version (For R77.10 and above: 4MB)."
It is strongly suggested to set FWASYNC_MAXBUF=40000000 (or more, according to what the allocation failed on, i.e. if it failed on 40MB, then set to 80MB)"


  • What does the buffer do?
  • What is the limit of increasing the buffer?
  • Why is 40 MB not default?