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How to apply QoS on a User for restricting Bandwidth?

Question asked by 496fedef-6258-4651-a614-e1522dcb4323 on Nov 3, 2018
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Background: We have 15600 Next Generation Firewall (in HA). We have an AD Server where we have different category of users (like faculty, staff, students) and also we have our Radius Server to meet the SSO requirements.



  • We want all the users under studentsOU, login at every 1st of the month, should be monitored for bandwidth utilization.
  • In case, for a particular user, the data usage  exceeds (more than say 60GB per month) than a threshold limit, the user will be automatically transferred to a Bandwidth Restriction Group or OU where there will be restrictive speed limit.
  • The monitoring of all students to be done everyday (at any given time) continuing for a month. That is, whenever any student reaches 60GB (say) within 1st day of the month, OR cumulatively (1st + 2nd) days of the month, OR (1st + 2nd + 3rd .. and so on) days of the month, his/her Net ID would be put under Restrictive Group (with less speed)


How do we proceed in this case? Do we have any API or script handy or is there any other mechanism?