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R80 Endpoint URL Filtering

Question asked by Benjamin Carrier on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2018 by Benjamin Carrier

The process to install URL Filtering rules for Endpoints described in sk112932 is only for versions R77.30.x. I can actually confirm that in R80.20M1 the process eps_policy_fetcher doesn't exist on the management so it is not possible.


Therefore, is URL Filtering on Endpoint not supported with R80.20M1 Endpoint Management (it is not in any known limitations I found)? Or is there maybe another process?

Is it also not supported in R80.20? If that is the case for both, is there a plan to bring the feature back in R80 or is Checkpoint just giving up on this feature?


I have opened a case for this question but they are just giving me confused opposite answers so I'm hoping someone here will actually have the information (remind me to never open cases on a Friday - dealing with US TAC is painful).