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Gaia R80.10 CPUSE Upgrade for Jumbo Hotfix

Question asked by d02a5074-1944-4938-9c46-149b538d1d61 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by d02a5074-1944-4938-9c46-149b538d1d61

Check Point Security Appliance 5100


Anyone can explain.


-Regarding about Gaia R80.10 Check Point Jumbo Hotfix Upgrade maximum time, how long will take

-Currently, we are running 2 CP Device and Clustering. If I set Secondary Device to Auto Update on today and next day set primary to auto date. What is the impact

- What is the risk of doing Jumbo Hotfix upgrade? 

- Manually upgrade can we do on Secondary Device first? Is there any impact on Primary and Clustering.  Do we need to rebuild the cluster? 


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