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Firewall rule from remote users to site-to-site network

Question asked by Daniel Ranft on Oct 31, 2018
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probably super easy, but I don't get it how to implement this rule...

We are talking about an R77.30. I have a VPN community RemoteAccess (like probably everyone here) and another community for an external company we are connected to. Simple Site-to-Site stuff.


I already have a rule allowing my clients from my internal network to communicate with the external servers via this VPN, which works fine. My problem now is, that I have no clue how to set up a rule allowing my remote clients to access this same external network via VPN... I have two (incompatible?) VPNs here, now what am I supposed to set as VPN community? Both? This does not work, I get an error. Only the S2S community, and add my user groups as Source? Also giving me an error.


So what am I missing here?


Thanks already in advance for any helpful hints/answers