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Application Control POC

Question asked by Calvin Piggott on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Calvin Piggott

Greetings Esteemed Members.


I am in the planning stages of a POC for inserting Open Server R80.10 gateway with R80.20 management virtual machines into a customer network.


The objective is to replace their current URL filtering solution with Check Point's SSL Inspection, Application Control and URL blades in the initial phase.


The customer's perimeter firewall is a Cisco ASA cluster and currently terminates VPN tunnels.


I was wondering whether the gateway can be inserted into the routing path using a single interface only, meaning that their layer 3 switch uses it as its default gateway and the Check Point's default gateway will be the ASA cluster, or do I need to physically place it between the internal network and the ASA cluster.


HTTP Proxy is not an option.


Thanks in advance for your support.