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SPLAT R75.40 - Two VIP on the same cluster interface

Question asked by Stefano Chiesa on Oct 29, 2018
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Hello all.
Another question on the good old R75.40.
The customer has two subnets (let's say and used by the WIFI clients. At this moment the Default Gateway assigned by the DHCP server to the WIFI clients are two core switches in LAN (VLAN 100, with an HSRP IP for each subnet).
In the core switch the VLAN has a primary address (on the 136) and a secondaty on the 141 and, as said, two HSRP IPs as clients gateway.


Now the customer wan to logically place those subnets behind an interface of a CP cluster and make it work as DGW.
I tried to think to some solutions but I have several doubts.


1. I could configure two IPs (primary and secondaty) to a cluster member interface but CP does not support VIP on a secondary IP (sk89980)
2. The two subnets could be placed in two different VLANs (i.e. VLAN 100 for the 136 and VAN101 for the 141). in ths way the CP cluster could manage two VIPs on the same IF but the changes needed in the general configuration (switches, dhcp server...) would be really complex (on a production environment)
3. Yes, I could configure the two subnets on two different FW phisycal interfaces, but consuming all the available FW interfaces


Following solution (1) and:
* configuring the IF with primary and a secondary IP
* assigning a cluster VIP only on the primary 136 subnet (subnet 141 probably hidden to the cluster, not sure)
* manual ARP on each cluster member with the 141 requested VIP and MAC of the physical (or virtual?) interface (of course all cluster features would not work for this address, for example the failover)


Would the cluster see the 10.0.141 subnet as locally connected network and forward traffico to and from the manually natted IP?
Or do you know another way to achieve this goal?


Thanks to everybody, especially to ones that lost their time reading this a little  confused post.