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IPv6 with SIT tunnel

Discussion created by Hugo van der Kooij on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

As I had an incident I cleaned out my ESXi machine and installed the lab a new. With R80.20 On SmartCenter and Gateway this time.

Now I am in the process of adding IPv6 to it.

And this seems to be challenging.


The Colo offers a /64 subnet but just that. So it only works on the outside and I need to NAT IPv6 (yuk) if I want to use it.


More troublesome is that the IPv6 default gateway is not part of the local subnet. And I have no way to make it work in IPv6. I sort of get it to work on Ipv4 but it is a kludge.

See also:



So the next best thing is to setup a network with a HE ipv6 tunnel but there is a catch in GAIA. Make sure you fill in a reasonable big number in the TTL field. I used 8 and it wasn't enough. It turned out that I had 9 hops to the other end of the tunnel so the packets never made it. So I went for 16 instead.


So I have IPv6 connectivity on the firewall. Now the next order of business is to educate all my other devices in the lab about their IPv6 connectivity and see much trouble I get.