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Create 2 or more vsx Gateway

Hello Check Mates,


Can I create 2 or more VSX gateway from one gateway

an I create 2 or more VSX gateway from cluster gateway

if yes, how can I create ? have proccess SIC?



Thanks and Regards,


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A physical gateway can either run in VSX mode or not.
If it is in VSX mode, you create one or more virtual systems that run on that physical gateway.
Highly recommend starting with the VSX Admin Guide:
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The main point here is that to be able to create a VS you need to define your gateway or cluster as a VSX Gateway or VSX Cluster in SmartConsole.
the: set vsx on
command does nothing but disable some CLI functions and the WebUI.
Be aware that for VS's you need additional VSX licenses, running only 1 VS does not require additional licenses.
Regards, Maarten
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