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Taking CCSM Certification


I'm bit confused about CCSM certification pre-requisite. My CCSE R77 has recently got expired. I booked

"156-915.80: Check Point Certified Security Expert Update - R80" well before my CCSE expiry but good known Pearson VUE website didn't worked on exam day and after i raised this issue with Pearson VUE they re-scheduled exam but after expiry date. After second escalation about date, i received response saying NO date is available. In-short my CCSE expired.

Now, my question is that, can i take up CCSM R80 exam or i have to re-certify for CCSE (R77 or R80) first and then seat for CCSM exam? I'm not able to find right direction to move. So any help or information or contact detail is highly appreciated.


Ashish Shah

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Re: Taking CCSM Certification

You can only book CCSM Certification with valid CCSE - but in your case, i would talk to the local CP SE for an extension of your CCSE (should be possible). It was not your fault that you were not able to get certified before your CCSE had expired, only Pearson VUE caused that....

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Re: Taking CCSM Certification

The pre-requisites for each exam are outlined here for reference:

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Re: Taking CCSM Certification

Hey Ashish 

You local SE can talk to ATC to ask if you can give CCSM R80 directly with expired CCSE(very unlikely) . I had a choice to go from CCSM R77.30 to CCSM R80 however after talking people found most prefer go through CCSA and CCSE R80 before going for CCSM R80 so I did CCSE R80. 


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Re: Taking CCSM Certification

As per Check Point's official Certification FAQ you can take the CCSE R80 Update exam "Any prior CCSE", it doesn't matter if it is expired or not.