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Threat Prevention policy installation time + comand

On a firewall is it possible to show the Threat Prevention policy installation time? The commands fw stat and cpstat fw show only the Access Control policy installation time.

If there is no official command for this (I think there should be one), what do you think about reliability of these methods or do you know something better? The test were performed on R80.30.

  • a) file modify time

stat -c%y $FWDIR/log/tp_policy_stats_report.csv
2020-07-24 16:49:32.922781753 +0200

  • b) recorded timestamp

In the tp_policy_stats_report.csv file:
1. find the last '^Policy Installation$' line and in the following lines find the first timestamp '^Timestamp,([0-9]+)$'  (complicated in a shell script)
2. convert the Unix epoch timestamp:

date -d@1595602172
Fri Jul 24 16:49:32 CEST 2020


In addition to this I am not able to find the equivalent of fw fetch for the Threat Prevention policy. Is there one?

I tested the command fw fetch -f:

- It updates the timestamp on the tp_policy_stats_report.csv file and adds records related to IPS signatures installation. This makes the method a) above less reliable.

- It seems to install the IPS signatures but probably not the policy for other TP blades.

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