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Abnormally large file size after converting to pdf (Threat Extraction)


We use PDF converting option in Threat Extraction. We noticed that after the converting, the original file size increases about 7 times! Is it normal? I tried to convert the file manually, and in this case the file size only decreases. What does the CheckPoint appliance do with the file when converting it to pdf?


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This mentioned original, small file size, i assume, is from the MS Word / Excel document attached. If such a document is changed in OpenOffice, the saved file is about the double size of the original; after saving it in MS x again, it is reduced to the original size again. When converting to PDF, it is the safest option to use images, not text, and a screenshot of a text file will always be much larger than the text file itself 😉

Of course, a utility converting or printing MS x files to PDF will use the text (you can copy text from the resulting PDF) if possible...

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Olga,

the file size result strongly depends on the contents of the source file.

If you have troubles with the resulting file size I would advise opening a ticket with support.

That said you might check what JHF you are using (ifits a 77.30 gw). There was a big TX update added to JHF198 and also afterwards content was added: Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R77.30 (R77_30_jumbo_hf) 

Regards Thomas

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