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CheckMates Member of the Month for June 2018: Kaspars Zibarts

It's that time of the month, where we recognize great contributors to the CheckMates community. Put your virtual hands together for the Member of the Month for June 2018: Kaspars Zibarts‌! Had no idea that Kaspars was a fellow Nokian like I was.Then again, Nokia is a much larger company than Check Point He also worked with IP a different capacity than many of us did, though. Kaspars, tell us a little about yourself & what you do?I have fairly colourful life when comes to geography and politics. I grew up in Soviet Union, graduated University in already independent Latvia, and then started working for Nokia at it’s heyday (mobile networks though, not firewalls). That moved me around quite a bit – living eight years in London, eight years in Sydney whilst delivering projects in Russia, Poland, Finland, Philippines, China, India, Iran (probably should not mention that!). Sometime, in middle of that, I switched to Check Point and finally in 2013 moved to Sweden, which seems...
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Cheers, Kaspars!