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inside TechTalks 2017-08-13
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TechTalk Schedule

TechTalks are a regular (at least monthly) series designed to educate you on the latest information security technology and trends, including practical advice on protecting your critical assets from cyber attacks! Upcoming Events Note that topics, speakers, and schedule are subject to change without notice. Upcoming Events Date Speaker Register here R80.30 Technical Update 6 June 2019 Benny Shlesinger Registration Link SD-WAN Security 19 June 2019 Tomer Sole Registration Link Maestro – New features, Best practices and Performance aspects 17 July 2019 Maor Elharah, Anatoly Masover Registration Link WatchTower Mobile Security Management 14 August 2019 Gali Fein Registration Link To be announced later 18 September 2019 TBD Security Gateway Acceleration 16 October 2019 TBD Proactive Support and Maintenance TBD TBD Past Events Event Date Speaker More Information DEVOPS - Gaia APIs – Fast & Simple gateway configuration 24 April 2019 @Alexander_Kim Video, Q&A, and Comments Running VSX like a Pro 20 March 2019 Jim MacLeod‌ Video, Q&A and comments are here R80.20 Use cases 7 March 2019 Anat Eytan-Davidi Video, Q&A and comments are here Management API Best Practices 13th February 2019 Ryan Darst‌ Management API Best Practices TechTalk and Q&A Migrate to R80.20 9th January 2019 Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌ Valeri Loukine‌ Migrate to R80.20 TechTalk‌ Dome9 Overview 28 November 2018 Grant Asplund Pawan Shankar TechTalk: Dome9 Overview and Q&A CloudGuard for AWS Transit VPC October 24th 2018 Lior Cohen‌ Nir Bonfil‌ CloudGuard for AWS - Security Transit VPC Demonstration‌ Security Gateway Performance Optimization September 26th 2018 Timothy Hall‌ TechTalk: Security Gateway Performance Optimization with Tim Hall‌ IPS Usability in R80.20 August 14th 2018 Tomer Sole‌ Smadi Paradise‌ Ofir Israel‌ Raz Shlomo‌ Avishai Duer IPS Ease of Use in R80.20 TechTalk R80.20 and R80.20.M1 Demo July 18th 2018 Tomer Sole‌ Check Point R80.20 Demo TechTalk and Q&A Mid-Year Report: Top Wanted Malware of 2018 (so far) July 11th 2018 Maya Horowitz‌ Mid-Year Report - Top Wanted Malware of 2018 (so far)‌ Central Deployment Tool and Blink June 28th 2018 Tsahi Etziony‌ TechTalk: CDT and Blink Video and Slides‌ Inside North Korea’s Anti-Virus, SiliVaccine June 26th, 2018 Neatsun Ziv‌ Yaniv BalmasMark Lechtik‌ Michael Kajiloti TechTalk: Inside North Korea’s Anti-Virus, SiliVaccine Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on LG Smartphones June 14th, 2018 Neatsun ZivJonathan Shimonovich TechTalk: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on LG Smartphones How to Prevent the Next Global Attack April 25th, 2018 Roman Kunicher‌ Avishai Duer TechTalk: Preventing the Next Global Attack with IPS‌ Security Visibility Best Practices with SmartEvent March 14th, 2018 Kfir Dadosh‌ Oren Koren‌ Security Visibility Best Practices with SmartEvent‌ Mobile Security Best Practices February 23nd 2018 Scot Kight‌ Mobile Security Best Practices TechTalk‌ New Years Toast and Migration to R80.10 January 3rd 2018 Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌ TechTalk: Migrate to R80.10 and New Years Toast‌ Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices December 6th 2017 Nicolas McKerrall‌ TechTalk: Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices‌ Compliance Best Practices November 15th 2017 Tomer Sole‌ TechTalk: Compliance Best Practices Cloud Security Best Practices October 18th 2017 Gregory Pepper‌ Cloud Security Best Practices TechTalk‌ Beware of the Bashware September 27th 2017 Oded Vanunu‌ Gal Elbaz All About Bashware: Overview and Demonstration‌ Ask Me Anything September 18th 2017 Dorit and the Team‌ How to leverage R80.10 API to automate and streamline security operations August 15th 2017 Ryan Darst‌ Leveraging the R80.10 API to Automate and Streamline Security Operations‌ NotPetya: Under the Microscope July 11th 2017 Mark Lechtik‌ NotPetya: Under the Microscope Presentation and Recording‌