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Hello all,

有鑑於還是有許多人詢問SmartConsole R80.10中文版本的問題,在這邊我直接提供檔案下載。



  1. Download this utility to your SmartConsole computer.

  2. Extract the LanguageConfigPatch.exe from the ZIP archive and copy it to the to SmartConsole's folder:

    • On Windows 64-bit: %ProgramFiles%\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R80.10\PROGRAM\
    • On Windows 32-bit: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R80.10\PROGRAM\
  3. Go to the to SmartConsole's folder.

  4. Close all SmartConsole windows.

  5. Double-click on the LanguageConfigPatch.exe.

    The following Command Prompt will be displayed:

  6. Connect with the SmartConsole to the Security Management Server / Domain Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server.

  7. The SmartConsole's language settings will be available in the following places:

    • When connected to Security Management Server / Domain Management Server:

      1. On the Navigation Toolbar, click on the MANAGE & SETTINGS app
      2. In the upper section, click on the Preferences
      3. Scroll to the bottom - refer to the Language section

Example Screenshots:


The following languages are currently available (as of May 2017):

  • English (United States)
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • French (France)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Chinese (Simplified, RPC)
  • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)