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Upgrade to R80.10

Hello together
I get a CP Firewall Type 4600 from our Friends from Israel for my Lab , I Upgrade them to 8 GB of Ram.
The Pre Installtion Version of 72.x and 75.x are working fine but now I would like to Install Version 80.10,
based on a Trail Version.
I follow the Instrution creating a Boot Disk with ISOmorphic, the Installation is Starting but after the election of the
Version he Request a saftly Reboot and nothing is happen ?
Only a Cool Reboot can be done .
How can I upgrade to Verion R80.10 , with a Trail Version ?
Can I upgrade a Version 75.x to 8.10 Online to an Trail Version

Best regards
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Sounds like it might be an issue with ISOmorphic and the USB drive you used as it's not guaranteed 

Might try a different one and see if you get a different result.

Also make sure you are using the most current ISOmorphic tool: How to install SecurePlatform / Gaia from a USB device on Check Point appliance and Open Servers usi... 


Hello together

Works fine with the new Software Release an a new USB Stick.

Thanks for Support

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