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Upgrade R80.10 Management to R80.20 on new gaia server in VMWare

Please give me your feedback on my upgrade method.  Why on a new server? 3 reasons (1) new mx disk format, (2) more log space is needed (3) RHAT REL 7 kernel version 3.10.

So I created this new server in VMWare ESX 6.0 using 1TB disk, CPUs 4/2 (8 cores), RAM 16GB.  I configured it with the same IP address as my production server but with network disconnected at startup (no conflict).  I booted to CD and mounted the image: Check_Point_R80.20._T101_Security_Management_Gaia.iso and started the installation.

<above here is past tense>

<below here is future tense>

Next I'll copy the R80.20 tools to existing R80.10 SMS to run pre-upgrade verifier.  After that I plan to migrate export: $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/migrate export [filename] and copy this file to storage and shutdown the R80.10 server

On the new R80.20 server $FWDIR/scripts/migrate_server import <filename> Import file from storage.  Run the status check: $FWDIR/scripts/

At this point I should be ready to install a policy on one of my R80.10 clusters.  If anything goes wrong or is suspect that cannot be resolved, the R80.10 SMS is still intact and can be put back online for production.

I have used this method of upgrading more than once and it has not failed me.  Please let me know if you see any potential problems.  When I get feedback, I will proceed.

As always, I value your support.

Dan Roddy

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Let's see (Upgrade Wizard😞

Result: R80.20 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Management

Next follow this recommendation to turn off your management before executing migrate export.


Thanks Danny, sound like my procedure passed your review, thanks very much for taking the time.  Aren't I doing a 'New Installation'?  My present RH kernel is 2.6, the new server has RH kernel 3.10.

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Hi Dan, 

Purely from experience, if you plan on migrating the log files also to your new management server be prepared for a period of time that the management server runs high on CPU. Depending on how many log entries you have it may take a while for the date to be re-indexed.




I have 48GB of logs today.

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Remember to not have any open sessions before running migrate export db_export.tgz

This can give problem when importing db_export.tgz

Best regards 


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