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SmartConsole Radius Access - R80.20

Hi Guys,


Simple question for you today, maybe someone has already tried to configure it or at least think about it:


Is it possible to define SmartConsole administrators (AD/RADIUS) not user by user instead using a group?

When you have several you user you have to configure each user everytime.. under SmartConsole --> Managed & Settings --> Administrators.


Let me know!

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Currently not supported, at least in GA code.
As far as I know there's a customer release for some versions which allows AD Integration but I don't know if this allows usage of groups.

Hi @Norbert_Bohusch ,


Many many thanks for your reply; I hope they will implement them because they will be very useful in scenario which you have several users and you have to create them manually each time.. Obv I think this could be done via API.

Do you have already tried to create them via API?



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