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R80.40 SmartConsole

Has anyone else installed R80.40 yet?  If so, is SmartConsole working reliably?

I installed yesterday, and SmartConsole seems really flaky.  It's really slow, and is continually freezing for long periods of time before responding again.  Is it me, or a genuine problem with this build?

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Hi Matt,

Can you please supply more information?

In which operations are you experiencing it?

Are you using MDS? If so, do you experience the issue in a specific CMA?

I will also request that you open a ticket so that we can look into it.



Thanks.  I'll raise an SR about it when I get a chance.  

It's happening again today.  I notice that "cplmd" on the SmartCenter is constantly hammering the CPU.

(Not MDS, just single SmartCenter)


I installed it over the weekend. I thought I was having issues with SmartConsole when the installation first completed, but then I noticed that the postgres process was running very hot (85-97% CPU) on the Management side. This lasted for quite a while. However, once the processes "calmed down", SmartConsole seemed much more stable and responsive.