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R80.30 Smartconsole Display Issues (Display Resolution3840x2160]

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I use Smartconsole build 993000359 to manage R80.30 Management Center. When I want to edit properties of a gateway, I double-click on a gateway object and in network management/ topology, I partially see IP parameters and when I want to edit and when I press edit, it just hangs and I have to go to task manager to end task "Smartconsole" application. 

I use Win 10 Home Build 1903. My laptop model is HP Spectre with a very high resolution display - Display Resolution3840x2160.

Is this a known issue?

See attached, this is a Checkpoint DEMO server.

When I logged into Checkpoint DEMO Server, it is the same issue, so I believe this is a bug in Smart Console.



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I did follow the sk155892, and also set the screen resolution to 2048x1152 and Change the size of text, apps and other items to [100%].
Thanks Tal_Paz_Fridman. It worked!.
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