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R80.10 SmartEvent

I am starting this discussion in an effort to get feedback on what other's experiences are with SmartEvent.  It seemed like it was solid up until R80.10.  Since this build I've had multiple issues with the product:

  1. R80.10 SME --> R80.10 (Upgraded Manager) - can't get the database to sync
  2. R80.10 SME --> R77.30 - couldn't get them to communicate and after some digging found that they were having issues communicating via sic.  Had to go into $FWDIR/conf/fwopsec.conf and uncomment line 54 on both devices and restart services for it to work.
  3. R80.10 SME --> R80.10 (Fresh build) -- Everything seems to work fine but when I try to log into SmartEvent settings it just pops up the login prompt.
  4. R80.10 SME doesn't send e-mails for scheduled reports (runs them fine)
  5. R80.10 SME when configuring a scheduled report e-mail address disappears when you change the time schedule and save.

Would be very interested in finding out what other folks experiences were.

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SmartEvent R80.10 is the best Event Analyzer, Viewing and Reporting Tool I have ever seen.

It's easy to set up, features all kind of customization options, allows for quick and easy Security Check Up's, even provides languages support, handles third-party log formats, also connects to an R77.30 Security Management Server, can be completely managed Web-based (SmartView) within your browser > I recommend this to all our customers.


Report Generation was an issue sometimes, but Check Point fixed it, so install the latest HFA.

When setting it up, don't forget to configure it via the classic SmartEvent GUI initially (C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R80.10\PROGRAM\AnalyzerClient.exe) in order to define Correlation Units, Install Event Policy, define Automatic Reactions such as E-Mail Alerts etc. The SmartEvent reports and views can then easily be generated via the consolidated R80.10 GUI.

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While I appreciate the copy/paste I'd like some real world feedback.




This is real world feedback. You described a lot of issue's I'm not experiencing when working with SmartEvent at all. I've taken the screen shots and information above from actively running SmartEvent servers and didn't copy them off a website or something.

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Again appreciate the feedback.

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