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Log localy logs from the clean up rule



In my system im curently sending logs to a 3rd-party log server, i want to store a logs from the clean-up rule locally.

My goal is to send all logs to a 3-rd party log server but the logs from a clean up rule i would like to store locally and not to send them to  3rd-party log server. How can i achieve it ?


Thank you


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This isn't currently an option. it's definitely an interesting idea.
I'll try to push for such a new feature: to export/not-export logs using the log-exporter on a per rule basis.

You can however use the filtering feature to try to filter-in fields' values matching all you rules (at least close to it), which should leave-out logs matching your clean-up rule.
it may not be so simple, as it heavily depends on how complex your rulebase is.

See log-exporter sk122323 (Filter Configuration section):