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Licenses after upgrade R80.10


I upgraded SMS (virtual) and gateways from R77.20 to R80.10. In SMS i did a clean install with migrate import. 

The only doubt is about licensing. I didnt touch anything about licenses in R80 after upgrade was done, so i dont know if i should install/attach the licenses in R80.10 for SMS or GWs.

So how can i know if the nodes are working with the correct licenses, or maybe the fresh install has a EVA license by default and in 15 days maybe i have a problem.


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A migrate import includes the central licenses exported from the SMS. There are two different scenarios possible:

- you have re-licensed your GWs and SMS only a short time ago and a CLI cplic print shows that everything is ok on R80.10. Also SmartUpdate looks good and you have nothing to do Smiley Happy.

- you have licensed the GWs and SMS a very long time ago; you should check using CLI cplic print and SmartUpdate if you see warnings concerning licenses and services in the R80.10 Dashboard. It may well be necessary to re-license all products againif these are very old...

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This is the cplic print is SMS. We have some old/expired licenses:

This is the gateway1:

This is th GW2:

This is the smartupdate R80.10 licenses tab:

So i want to confirm that the SMS and GWs are using the correct licenses, and if i need to do any action in any device for licensing.



YOu can have a look into your UserCenter Account to see the blades and services you are entitled to use. The thing to look at in you situation is the Certificate Key - last item of the license string, showing something like CK-3ABDC6FA09CA (if a SW license). --> All licenses with the same CK- are the same license (some licenses have two parts, for module and management you can differentiate by looking at the blades), so similar licenses with older date and same CK- can be deleted. It is better to have no duplicate licenses as this can lead to strange behaviour 😞

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What I do when we run into contract problems is the following:

  • start SmartUpdate (manage licenses and packages)
  • delete all contract information from older dates
  • do an update contracts from usercenter
  • ssh to the gateway and go to expert mode
  • type contract_util mgmt
  • now cplic print should show all the correct information.
  • wait 4 hours to make sure all checks can be run from GW to UC and Mgmt to UC

Mostly the next day everything is working again, if not open a case with account services.

Regards, Maarten
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That is a good thing to keep the contracts clean - but will not help when the repository contains duplicate licenses. In SmartUpdate, the CK- s can be checked and duplicates found, but sometimes, you will not be able to find out which are the newest licenses generated for the CK. Then, it makes sense to

- download all licenses from UC (again) or re-license the product(s) if licensing was last performed way back in time

- delete all licenses from repository

- import all downloaded / re-licensed licenses into the repository

- attach licenses to GWs

- care for the contract file