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Group Convention in R80.X


We have a customer that is running R77.30 and is using Group convention. So group membership is done based on color and 'starts with', 'contains', 'end with'.

We want to migrate to R80.10 but if we create a group in R80.X we don't see the possibility anymore to use group convention. Does someone know how it's done in R80.X or is this done another way in R80.X?

See attached screenshot how its configured in R77.30

Please let me know!

Best Regards,

Maarten Lutterman

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This is a limitation of R80.10. We plan to add this in our next releases. 

For the current time being, you could leverage the new API's to go through the objects periodically and add the members to group, or create your objects through a self-service portal which creates them with your naming and grouping conventions. With R80.20 (not M1... the one after that) we are adding new customization options to SmartConsole that might be able to assist you with this.

we have used this function frequently with R77.x and would very much appreciate it if it would be available in R80 again.

Regards and looking forward for upcoming releases

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