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Check Point Compliance Blade provides built-in and user-defined security best practices to ensure that an administrator's work does not cause a misconfiguration.

Some of those best practices are linked to regulations and requirements. With R80.10, you can browse versions of HIPAA, NIST, PCI and more.

In order to include GDPR best practices within SmartConsole, please import the regulation file attached to this post. Unzip the attached file and import the XML file inside it.

This file works for: Pre-R80 SmartDashboard versions, and R80.10 SmartConsole with Jumbo Hotfix package build 013 and above.

As of December 12, 2017, the "current jumbo" for SmartConsole is package build 013, which contains the support for importing regulations in the format of the attached file.

To import a regulation, go to Manage & Settings-->Blades-->Compliance and click Import.

For more information on how to work with Compliance blade, see:

 Compliance Blade how-to videos 

 TechTalk: Compliance Best Practices  

ATRG: Compliance Blade (R80.10 and above) 

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That is a great template, Is there a way to create the XML file with a xml generator o xml editor?, Or I always need to create it first in the compliance blade and then export it.

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Hi, even though the data is XML and you can clearly read it, at the moment it is not possible to generate it outside of SmartConsole UI. 


Do you know by any chance of the release date for Build 013 for SmartConsole? I was thinking of implementing this in the New Year.


It's already released. It is available in the SK Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.10 (R80_10_jumbo_hf) 


I can't seem to find it by searching it through GAiA? Guess I'm not supposed to am i looking back. Will i have to get in touch with Checkpoint Support as it states on the document?

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Yes, you will need to initiate a Check Point Support Request. This should be handled rather quickly as it's not a troubleshooting ticket but a common request ticket.

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I'll take it into consideration as it'd only be for one thing. I'm sure we can wait till the new year when Checkpoint have fully released the build version. 

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1. If importing the regulation shows the hideous error message below, this means you have not replaced your SmartConsole GUI application to the one mentioned in the Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.10 (R80_10_jumbo_hf)  page.

How to fix:

a. Go to Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.10 (R80_10_jumbo_hf) 

b. Get the SmartConsole package mentioned under "General availability take".

Update for December 18: Check Point released SmartConsole build 013 (the one that contains support for importing regulations) for general availability. This means that it passed a strict quality criteria and is now available for every user to download without a dedicated support ticket.

Let us know your feedback on this feature.



thanks for this will be useful.

however i have run this up in my lab environment, and i am getting different results to what you show.

my GDPR is showing 0 requirements (your screenshot shows 3), and i also have a 'GDPR-1', which shows 2 requirements, which you dont appear to have?

Did you by chance attempt to Import, press cancel mid way, and then attempted to import again? This is usually what brings the "MyRegulation-1" scenario.

I suggest that you clean it up: Go to Manage & Settings --> Blades --> Compliance Blade --> Settings, remove these imported regulations, import again, wait until it's done, and then press OK.



also ID003 was for IPsec VPN, and i hadnt enabled that blade on my lab GW.



Tomer Sole‌ is there a 77.30 version available?

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