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Exporting Visualization of URL filtering policy

Hi Does any one know of a way to get a export of the application and URL filtering policy in the same way as you can the security policy using Web Viz. I think there is a method for R80 but I need to get this from an R77.30 manager I do not seem to be able to find anything from the KB's and you can not do the handy right click copy as image on the rules so no backdoor grind way around it.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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The Web Visualization Tool in R77.x only supports the Access Policy.

In R80.x, the equivalent tool supports all policies.

What I would do is:

1. migrate export your R77.30 Manager using R80.x migration tools

2. Install R80.x in a VM

3. migrate import the R77.30 configuration 

4. Use Exporting Check Point configuration from Security Management Server into readable format using "Show... 

This also is a nice way to assess your readiness to upgrade to R80.x, which you should consider doing soon since R77.30 is nearing End of Support.

For licenses for the above, you can get a 30 day eval.

How to Request an Evaluation License