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Data centre backup solutions which support Check Point R80

What Data Centre backup solutions support Check Point devices (both management and gateways)?

I noticed that Backbox is a preferred Check Point partner for large scale backups - 

Are there other solutions that are known to work well with Check Point R80 devices?

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We use in-house solution but I saw and talked with Backbox CEO at CPX last year and he spent some time showing all the bells and whistles - looked really snazzy if you ask me! Smiley Happy If you have $$$ I would definitely go that way. I have some other customers using it and saying only good stuff


I’ve seen Restorepoint in the field.

My blog:
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I wonder if we can use Ansible to create some custom scripts to be executed on expert mode to create backups. 

Automating Server Setup with Ansible 

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The Following blog shows in detail of how to use Ansible to do basic & advanced tasks on Checkpoint Gateways. 

Using Ansible for automating tasks on Checkpoint Firewall.