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Create a Custom Site Category

Is it possible to create a custom Site Category in r80.10? I can do an override categorization, but I'd like to create my own categories to override with. I see user categories that can be created, but not sites.


For Example, I want to create a Weather category and do an override categorization for to be in the weather category (currently categorized as news/media, and government/military).

This way I can create a security policy allowing people out to the weather category, and can add more sites to this category as needed.

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Ended up opening a TAC case, turns out that this is not possible.


User Categories can only be applied onto custom application/sites. It is not possible to do a Categorization Override with a custom category.


I've submitted an RFE so that the custom category objects can be used in the categorization overrides.

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Curious why an Application/Site Group doesn't suffice here if your goal is to allow access to specific groups of sites?

I suppose app/site group would do the same, categories essentially function as large app/site groups. I'm just looking to organize it in another way. I found it odd that we're given the ability to make a custom category, but doesn't really work as you would expect.


Trying to work my way around different websites and their usage of  CDN's while using a whitelist approach. Extra levels of organization help for readability.


although every website uses CDN's it feels like, so changing to a blacklist approach might be easier to organize and manage.


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Curious why you have the option to create Custom User Category knowing that you cannot use it anywhere as you can't associate it with any websites.


Well, the thing is that we do use it. It is however used for User created Sites. I have created a User Catagory called Whitelist and one called BlackList, use them in the policy and a newly created site will be assigned either of the 2.
Works like a charm, in any version.
Regards, Maarten

Ended up creating this Custom User Category for exceptions. Added Category to the rulebase.

Whenever i define a Custom Site i just put it in this Category and it works like a charm. I could just put the Custom Websites into a group and get the same result. 


Allowed Categories.PNG

nice solution for this cezar,


Off topic, but something you might want to consider. I'm seeing your source column with "* any". You'll find a performance increase if you specify a source (could be internal zone, or a subnet range of your internal addreses or some other specifier).