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Backup File Size After Upgrade


Is it normal for a backup file to have a big difference in size?  Is there a way to inspect what is in the backup file?  

This is a before and after a management server upgrade from R77.30 to R80.20.  I don't believe logs are part of the backup.  


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You can use win appls like 7-Zip to look into the .tgz ! There is not any easy explanation for a backup never includes logs, only configuration files and database files. So you only can look into the files which files/directories have geown so large. I also would suggest to install the new R80.20 GA Jumbo Take 33.


Thank you for the reply!  I will take a look at the tgz files.  

Take 33 has already been installed as well.

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Hello Christopher,

I've also seen a great file reduction after upgrades to R80.20

Instead of blindly trusting that the backup file is good for a real disaster recovery situation, I would advise you to install a temp Security Management in a virtual environment lab and test the restore of the backup file to see if everything is properly restored.

Hope that helps.

All the best,



I second that !

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Hi Christopher To

When we backed up a machine in R7x we copied directories, including the ones containing Database Revision Control and many other files.

In R80.10 we improved this process so it would backup only the actual database.

This should explain the significant difference between the R77.30 and R80.20 backups.

Hope this helps

Tal Paz-Fridman