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unable to delete VS firewalls when VSX members are offline

Hi there,

We seem to have created an issue and wondering if anybody has come across similar situation and how they resolved it.


We have decomm'ed our VSX appliances before deleting the VS/VSX objects in SmartCenter. We are now stuck in a loop where the SC is trying to communicate to the VSX members to inform them of the deletion. We opened a ticket with TAC and they directed us to delete the reference of the VS via GUIDBEDIT.  We have remove the vs_slot_members references as per SK127232. When we reattempt to delete the VS in question, still generates communication attempts and fails to remove the object. Also since we did the DBedit change as recommended by TAC, we can no longer push policy to other non-vsx gateways. Message to the effect of "A Cluster (VSNAME) cannot be empty. It must have cluster members."


I am thinking that a deletion of the "vs_slots_objects" container located under the "Network Objects"  could resolve our issue but looking for feedback from the community. We are waiting on TAC right now.




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