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rtmd Demon causing high utilization (99% CPU)

Hello All,

We are facing some CPU related issues on multiple checkpoint devices.


After policy push or reboot firewall CPU utilization spikes and showing 99-100%

In TOP its showing rtmd causing this. Alone this rtmd demon causing CPU utilization. 

Once we stop this demon CPU utilization gets normal. 


But we didn't change anything on the gateway end and using the same configuration for very long.


The only recent change made was on CMA end. 

We have installed hotfix on CMA only.

Means we have R80.10-T225 on the gateway and R80.30 -T214 ON CMA. 

Not sure installing the hotfix on CMA end will cause any issue on gateway end.


Also, this issue is not with all the gateways.

Some devices are working fine.

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