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ebgp routemap export

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Hi There,

I'm deploying an internal segmentation firewall between several VRFs and our Core routing network. I've been trying to setup bgp in various ways, fighting the fact that the Cisco VSS that runs the core routing and VRFs uses the same ASN for both.

ebgp (with as override set) works well for the 95%, i have one problem that i want to present a default route to only one peer in the ASN (the VRF side)

route redistribution to the ASN goes to both ....I was trying to setup a routemap instead as it looked like there was a "neighbor" match option but this routemap sends to both peers. Any ideas on if this is possible to filter?

set routemap ex-bgp-vrffw id 10 on
set routemap ex-bgp-vrffw id 10 match neighbor on
set routemap ex-bgp-vrffw id 10 match network exact
set routemap ex-bgp-vrffw id 10 match protocol static
set bgp external remote-as 65100 export-routemap ex-bgp-vrffw preference 10 on



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