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cphwd_q_init_ke process running out of control after upgrade to R80.30

We upgraded from R80.10 to R80.30 (running the latest ga jumbo hotfix take) about 10 days ago on a year old 5900 appliance.  In the time since the upgrade, the CPU has been getting absolutely hammered on that box, when it was operating in the single digits of utilization before the upgrade.  The culprit for this increase appears to be the cphwd_q_init_ke process, which is consistently the top talker on the device and using up to 100% of the CPU.


Has anyone seen this before?  Is this a new process as part of 80.30?  Any tips for how to improve this?  If this keeps up I'll have to roll back to 80.10 which I would prefer not to do.

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