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allow Sonos app throught checkpoint

Hello guys !

I'm stuck with my home lab, trying to do some test with multicast throught checkpoint.
I've a user vlan 4 ( and a media vlan 6 (

A sonos server is hosted in vlan 6 with ip
Sonos app is on vlan 4.

As far i understood, sonos use SSDP over UDP/1900 to discover sonos device (see wireshark in attachment).


I've try to configure this:
set igmp interface eth2.6 version 3
set igmp interface eth2.6 local-group on
set iphelper interface eth2.4 udp-port 1900 relay-to on

However it's not working..
I got this error message in smartconsole (see screenshot)

Do you have some input to help me to address this issue ?




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