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Windows & Apple Software Updates without HTTPS Inspection (via SNI/CN comparison)

Hello guys,

I was wondering whether it is possible to have custom applications or url filtering objects in order to achieve reachability of the apple & microsoft software update servers?

The official applications "Apple Software Update" and "Windows Update" seem to only work with an existing HTTPS Inspection setup. As url filtering and application control (some applications) can be done with pattern  matching against the SNI / CN of the certificate I was wondering whether this can be done for the mentioned update servers. Unfortunately I am not aware of the setup of apples or microsofts update servers and whether SNI / CN comparison can be used in such a case.

Maybe someone already ran into the same issue or heard of a possible solution.

Thanks and best regards,



[Edit: As always I forgot some details... the question is related to R80.20 Take 118 - VSX + MDM setup]

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