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VSX hardware replacment


I need you advise about one of my coming migration.

I have currently 1 VSX cluster running version R80.20 under 12600 appliance, and we planned to replace the hardware with 7000.
Current interfaces used 10Gb directly on the config, and now we want to use 2Gb under bond interface for each VS.

My idea is this:
- deploy new boxes with GAIA settings (interfaces, bond, users, DNS, routing for VS0, backups, licenses etc)
- integrate into management
- create all VS/vlan with other unused IP
- assign same policy package for actual and new VS

Day of the migration:
- unplug actual box
- use VSX provisionning tool to replace all temporary IP on new boxes by actual one

Could you please give me you're thinking about this plan? Any better ideas?



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