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VSX: funny IP's in different subnets

Dear CheckMates,

I have some trouble with VSX VSLS in version R81.10 with Jumbo-30 (Mgmt is also on R81.10 with Jumbo-30).

For one of my eleven VS, I have lot's of error messages in /var/log/messages and the log file, saying "CLUS-1147-02-2: State chage: Active -> Standby...."


bond1.123192.168.196.33 / 28192.168.196.2 / 28
bond2.234192.168.196.17 / 28192.168.196.18 / 28
bond3.345192.168.196.1 / 28192.168.196.34 / 28


As we can see, the funny-ip's from bond1 and bond3 does not match the network ID of each other

Bond 2 is fine, as well as all other VS's.


Does someone has an idea to solve the problem?


Many thanks and best regars,


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