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VSX firewall gateway upgrade from R80.20 to R80.30

VSX firewall gateway upgrade from R80.20 to R80.30

Currently we are running R80.20 JHF T103 and want to upgrade to R80.30 T-155.

We already have files for R80.30 and R80.30 T-155



Installer verify (for 80.30)

Installer install (for 80.30)

Then  installer import local (for R80.30 T-155)

Installer verify (for 80.30 T-155)

Installer install (for 80.30 T-155)

Question 1: Does above upgrade plan will work with installer command?

Question 2: Back-out plan : does installer uninstall the above R80.30 will take us back to R80.20 T103 Or after uninstall R80.30 we need to install R80.20 again?

Thanks for the help. As we don’t have lab to test it just want to have good document to upgrade prod firewalls.

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